Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Zucchini bread overload

The boys and I made zucchini bread last night. Except I had to call it zucchini "cake" to get Grant to eat it. Ah, a boy after my own heart.
They were SO helpful--really! except it took quite a bit longer with their "help" but that's ok--they both took turns grating up the zucchini, they dumped in ingredients, Connor beat the eggs, Grant stirred the mixture. Connor has been working on his flour-measuring technique (not exactly a requirement to get your "man card" but important when you're baking with mama) where he levels off the flour. Oh, he is getting good at it!

We made a double-batch so we could give some away. I always love to send some to J's grandparents b/c it is her recipe, and sometimes we share with the neighbors. We made five small loaves and one large load (underdone inside, so a bit wasted) and easily polished off a small loaf and a half last night. today I think I have eaten about 1/4 of the large loaf--the done part, of course!--and am starting to feel a bit queasy. Ugh.

I love baking, and I do hope it is something the boys will continue to do with me as they grow. Sometimes they want to help, but mostly they just want to eat. It seems they are more motivated to participate when they have jobs, so I need patience and a little extra time for preparations.

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