Friday, April 4, 2008

funnies to remember

I have to tell you about Connor. He is sooo matter-of-fact, super-bright, and such a firstborn (just like his Momma!). When Grant was just a few months old, we had a bad night-time spell. You know the spell--it sometimes lasts for years within families--the "I'm not gonna sleep at night" spell. Thankfully our spells were both short-lived, but no less memorable.

Anyway, one night we were having trouble getting Grant to sleep. I was in and out of his room several times that evening before I went to bed, soothing him, rocking him, feeding know the drill. This was very close to the time that Connor had requested a night light for his room. We gave in, knowing that he was probably scared in his room, but at the same time knowing that he generally wouldn't sleep a wink unless a room was pitch-black. Connor got up way past the time he was supposed to be asleep and I sternly asked him, "Connor, is your night light keeping you awake? If it is, we're going to have to turn it off!" He calmly replied,
"Mom, it's not my night light keeping me awake, it's my BABY!"

We laughed about that one for weeks!

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