Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Night Reader

Connor got into a little trouble the other night. Not "bad boy" trouble at all. In fact, more like "good boy" trouble.
The kids LOVES to read. Has since birth. He recently started reading, and I am quite the proud momma since he hasn't even started Kindergarten yet! The kid reads everything! It's crazy.
We've (mostly Jeff) been reading to him before bed since he was a wee little baby and have continued the tradition to this day. He loves this reading time and it is one of his *worst* punishments to have his "books before bed" reading time revoked for any reason.

The other night, Jeff went into his room to check on him and found him reading IN THE DARK by the light of the night light.
After stifling a chuckle, Jeff reminded Connor that it was time for bed and that he should not read books in the dark as it can hurt his eyes. Connor was quick to tell Daddy that his eyes didn't hurt a bit!
Jeff and I talked about it and made a decision that Connor could pick out a book each night to read on his own AFTER his normal bedtime books. The stipulation was that he had to leave his lamp ON and then turn it off whenever he was finished. So far so good.

Would we be so lucky that all of our kids get into this kind of "trouble!" That would be great.

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Jill@Who Could Ask for Anything More said...

Wow! An enthusiastic reader at such an early age! I'd be tempted to let him stay up all night reading (just kiding ) sort of.....