Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The trouble with lying

Connor has had a little trouble with lying the past few days and it has gotten him into quite a bit of trouble. He has not yet realized that telling the truth, even when he does the wrong thing, will get him in less trouble than telling us a lie to cover his hide.
Last night he and Jeff went to the park to play. A situation arose where Jeff asked Connor if he'd done something and Connor said "no" repeatedly, until he finally wised up and told the truth.
They immediately came home, missing out on at least a half an hour of park fun.
When they came home, Connor went straight to his room, crying. He was so upset because he knew he'd disappointed Jeff and that is just about the worst feeling ever for a compliant first-born (I should know!). After crying in his room for a couple of minutes, he came running out to find me, just bawling.
"What's wrong?" I asked him.
"I was hugging the picture of dad and me in my room and I broke it!" More sobbing ensued.

Poor kid, he was so upset he was actually hugging a picture of a happier time with dad...and then dropped and broke it.
Jeff fixed the picture frame and Connor calmed down. Hopefully a lesson has been learned.

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