Thursday, May 1, 2008

Reality is spicy

We took the boys to Planet Sub for their Tuesday night special--Kids eat free! I love it when the kids eat free! Because I like to think that I am (somewhat) careful about the quality of food the boys ingest, and I am also cheap, I have a hard time forking over $5 for some over-processed junk that they barely nibble on.
Planet Sub has pretty good kids' meals, though. The boys could choose either a turkey or ham (Connor chose turkey, Grant, the ham--how appropriate) sub with chips and a drink.
Well, the boys generously "donated" their drinks to mom and dad while they drank water. Oh yeah, we didn't tell them the drinks belonged to them, we just took 'em. AND we also commandeered their bags of chips as family property. Though we did steal their chips and drink, I made up for it by buying 2 large cookies-for us all to share.
We were all enjoying our subs and chips...pretty happy for a little evening out that cost under $10. Jeff and I were sharing the jalapeno chips, while Connor and Grant were sharing Fritos.
Grant was rather "active" at dinner (read: crazy toddler, trying to escape the booth!) and we were plowing him with Fritos and the promise of his m&m cookie if he would just take a couple more bites of ham.
Grant then decided he wanted to try "Daddy's chips" though he grabbed one from my plate. These are the delicious kettle-cooked chips that are sooo crunchy. Oh, and they are coated in jalapeno flavoring. We didn't stop him, instead warning him that they were spicy and he might not like them. He took a teeny-tiny bite. Then he made this horrible face. (Why oh why, can't I remember to take my cell phone in for its camera!) I would have loved to have had a picture. He started spitting and taking a drink. Then, the most interesting thing happened.

He took another big ol' jalapeno chip and proceeded to take a huge bite out of it!

Again, horrible face, but this time LOUD crying, some screaming, spitting, and I am pretty sure gnashing of teeth accompanied his bite. He tried to spit it out, he tried to drink away the pain, to no avail. This went on for at least 5 minutes and was absolutely hilarious. Sorry, Granters, but it was!
In the end, he ate a bit more ham, killed the spice in his mouth and was able to enjoy the nibble of cookie that the rest of the family left for him.

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HolyMama! said...

how funny! i love his daring side, that he went in for another, bigger bite!