Friday, April 11, 2008

Sweet kid

Connor is such a sweet boy, especially when he doesn't feel great. Allergies have hit full-force in our home--and he is suffering the most right now. His little eyes are all watery and his nose is stuffy.

He has been extra lovey and in general just very sweet since he started feeling bad. I hate that he feels bad, but love the effects.

We went to the library last night and get several books that I had reserved for him. He was so excited to read them last night! He read the whole Transformers book on his own! Such a smart boy.

Tonight is mom-and-boys date. I think we're gonna hit some fast food and even get a toy. I generally have them skip the kids' meals because they are more expensive and the toys are just junk. Junk or no junk, kids love to get new trinkets, though, so I will probably treat them to one tonight.

I love to do fun things with my boys.

We'll be busy reading tonight!

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