Tuesday, April 22, 2008

No pics yet--but fun weekend!

Apparently blogger is having some serious issues with photo uploading. Let me tell ya about our fun weekend with the boys!

Saturday we visited historic Independence and ate at Square Pizza. What a fun night! The pizza was super-yummy--I highly recommend the cheese breadsticks. Afterwards we visited Clinton's Soda Fountain and had ice cream. Mmmm!
It was a gorgeous night, so we walked around the square, reading the historic monuments and explaining what they were to Connor. Then Grant started to get a bit cranky, so we packed up to head home. Instead of the usual boring highway-way home, we took the scenic back route through old neighborhoods and quiet streets. I love a long drive home when everyone is full and happy, and though the boys got a bit antsy, they seemed to enjoy it too. In fact, Grant was in a pretty good mood. Nearly every song that came on the radio he said "I wike that song!" The best was his spontaneous outburst of praise on the way home, he proclaimed: "I wike square!"

Sunday was great too. We bought a Friends of the Zoo pass this year and are already loving it! I don't remember how much it was, but we've decided it is totally worth it! We can go to the zoo, hit just one area and avoid the all-day "come-on-we've-got-to-pack-all-this-fun-in-right-now-because-we-paid-for-the-whole-day-and-we're-gonna-use-the-whole-day-dangit-no-matter how-tired/cranky/hungry/sunburned-we-all-are!
I tell you all that to say that we went at 4pm. The zoo closes at 5pm. I am so crazy, I directed Jeff where to park (the parking lot is under construction and a little nuts) soooo far away, with my reasoning being "that is where all of the people are headed...they must be headed inside!" Um, no. Most people were LEAVING the zoo, and instead of rock star parking we were eons away from the entrance. My lovely husband did not so much as tell me "I told you so," God bless him.
Anyway, as we fought like salmon to get into the zoo, we realized that coming at the end of a day like Sunday (nice weather, not too hot) was a great idea! The sea lions were extra lazy, but we got to see one sleeping that reminded us of Sweet Molly. The un-lazy sea lion was rather enjoying a water bottle that had hopefully been inadvertently tossed into their pool.
We saw the kangaroos lounging around and one even wanted to come check us out a bit before we scared it away with our noise!
The best visit that day was by far the tiger's cage. There are two enormous tigers on exhibit that usually are found sleeping inside these gigantic logs. We happened to arrive at feeding time which was obviously something that got the tigers' attention more than oodles of onlookers. They were pacing around their cages, running back and forth, alert...it was cool.

We topped off the fun with dinner at McDonald's on the way home. I saw a former student...she was no less pleased to see me than I was to see her. She is an interesting character, and definitely not on my list of "happy memories" from a former job. Actually, I can't remember any "happy memories" from that particular job! Oh well, it was good to see her in her element, yelling at the other workers--and she did ensure that Jeff got his double burger without cheese QUICKLY. Maybe she'll go off to join the military?

The boys slept WELL that night, and I felt great because we'd gotten to get out and enjoy our city a bit. Grant is still talking about "go to zoo and see the 'angoos, the grillas, sea wions, and tigers!"

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