Thursday, April 17, 2008

"Conker" Bwett!

Just a funny memory to record...

I often call Connor, "Connor Brett" in everyday conversation--not when he's in trouble or anything, just to get his attention, or for no reason at all.
Grant picked up on that on our last trip to Iowa...which reminds me of the other fun details of that trip!

Grant had been really constipated--I can't even remember why (it was a whole month ago!) but he was. We'd been giving him Miralax and juice and stuff, but he was pooping out what appeared to be golf balls--not white, gross.
Anyway, he had a HUGE blowout on the way to visit Jeff's grandparents the LAST time we went, so we were at least relieved that this time he was constipated. Well, there must be something relaxing about going to Iowa for Grant, because he turned it loose again for us on the way up there.
It was just awful...funny, now, but awful then!

We stopped at Subway to survey the damage.
I went around the side of the van to get him out, and hopefully take him in to the changing station inside the restaurant.
I lifted him out, we would not be welcome to go IN anywhere in his condition! Immediately I start shouting orders to Jeff as if I am a surgeon.
"Clean clothes!"
"Get me a trash bag--STAT!"

I start peeling his gooey caked (sounds yummy, huh? It wasn't!) clothes off of his body and he is crying. I would be crying too if I had that much poo all over me. It is about 30 degrees and dusk and I am standing in the parking lot of a Subway restaurant in WhoKnowsWhere, Missouri (or were we in Iowa?) with patrons trying to enjoy their sandwiches (meatball, anyone?) wiping the poop off of Grant that extended from his neck (no joke!) down to his feet.
My poor little Bean is standing in the cold wind completely naked while I clean his body with baby wipes.
We eventually did get everything cleaned up, found clean clothes and he was even able to return to his seat--amazingly, that stayed relatively clean throughout the whole ordeal!

After all of this craziness, you would think the kids would be tired--especially Grant. We arrived at the Grandparents' house around 9:30 or so? Of course, I bathed Grant first thing, then took him downstairs to go to bed. He apparently wanted Connor to come down there and be near him while he slept.
We could hear him from upstairs:
"Conker Bwett!" "Conker Bwett!"

It was nice to have a good laugh after the events of that evening!

We decided next time we go to Iowa we are either going to starve Grant before we go (so he's empty) or dress him in a trashbag! Clearly Iowa bring the best out of him!

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