Tuesday, August 23, 2011

First day of School

It's that time again...back to school!
Here we are for the traditional front-porch pose.

It's just starting for Grant. Here's my big Kindergarten boy!

He was very proud to be wearing his backpack and catching the bus with big brother.

There's Connor, heading off to 3rd grade, I can't believe it!

And here's my boy in true Grant fashion. He is really really mad at me for taking another picture because he's "going to miss the bus!!!"
They didn't miss the bus, as you will see..
Though he was mad at me for distracting him as he tried to board.

Here's hoping for another great school year!

Girls and Boys

Newsflash: Boys and girls are different! My boys have always been loud, active, moving, jumping, climbing machines! They make a lot of noise, they make guns out of pencils, and will try to climb anything they see (I caught Grant hanging on the towel bar in the bathroom once). I watched my friends with girls and saw how different they were, but did not fully understand until I had Reese. Yes, Reese has her brothers who show her how to do many things that are "boy-ish," but she is very much a girl.

I caught her tonight at her grandma's house playing with the dolls.

One doll was in the crib, another was in the shopping cart (she was playing "Hy-Vee"), and the stuffed bear was the "mommy" of the dolls. The mommy was feeding the babies their bottles, taking out the "runined" (yes, that is supposed to be "ruined" but I spelled it like she said it) blanket and replacing it with a fresh blanket. She went on like this for about 30 minutes. My boys still sometimes have trouble sustaining an activity for a half an hour!

It was just fun to see the differences in the kids and it is great fun to see Reese becoming a little person!