Tuesday, April 22, 2008


P.S.--on top, because that is how these things are read....I am going to try to post the pics in a separate posting...blogger seems to be having a little trouble with images right now.

We were soooo excited for t-ball practice on Saturday morning! Though it was wet and pretty chilly outside, Connor had a great time running around, fielding, batting, and catching the baseball. Almost all of the other kids on his team--the 98.9 The Rock "Snakes" will go to his elementary school, so we're happy that he'll already know a couple of kids next year. Mostly the kids just stood in a big clump trying to catch the ball, then waited patiently in line for their turn to catch and/or bat.

The coach seems good--and on a side note, he told all of the parents that he can occasionally get concert tickets. There are three coaches, and they seem pretty knowledgeable, but the best thing is, they seem to like the kids. There was one dad there that ought to be...interesting. Jeff said that he was directing the boys--taking over and yelling at his kid, out on the field. They're five, dude...back off! I guess we'll get used to those parents...oooh...I just had a terrible thought...I hope no one ever refers to me as one of "those" parents.

While Connor had a blast, Grant got a little antsy. Actually, he preferred for me to "hold-ju" (hold you--him) during practice, so we scooted out for a while and got our grocery shopping down. Yeah for efficiency!

Enjoy the pictures!

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