Monday, April 7, 2008

My "pace" hurts!

We had such a fun weekend! My BF Marjie and her family came over for a cookout. The boys all get along so great and are stair-stepped in age--5,4,3, and 2. Grant had such a great time trying to hang out with the big boys. The older boys were running around the yard, just being kids, enjoying the warmer weather. Grant tried so hard to be a part of things, just laughing when they laughed, perching his plate on the edge of the (very overcrowded) picnic bench where the other boys were eating. He was satisfied just to be a part of things.
All of the boys were super-tired that night--up wayyy past bedtime. Finally, at 9:00, Grant had been so silly, munching on snacks, being cute and getting extra treats for being that way...he walked up to Marjie and said "Mawjie, my wegs (legs) hurt!" I then took him off to his room to go to bed, and on the way back, he starts telling me of his ailments.
"My pace (face) hurts! My eyes hurt!" Poor kid, I don't think he's ever been that tired before!

He awoke after 8:30 on Sunday morning, so it was good!

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