Friday, May 16, 2008


It's the first campout of the season!

If you know me at all, you know that I am NOT a campout-kinda-girl. I prefer my toilets to be indoors and for there to be running water and electricity--no matter where I am.

Picky, aren't I?

BUT...this kind of campout I can handle. My in-laws have 18 acres and so we go out to the back side of their land, take a fire pit, some dogs (hot dogs, and sometimes furry dogs), the kids, some treats, and cold refreshment down the hill behind their house. Then, our family (because we are allergy prone and I SWEAR our kids will sleep nowhere when other people are around them) happily heads home to sleep in our own warm and soft beds.
Perfect arrangement.

All the junk-foody-goodness of camping, without all the hassle of sleeping with "nature." Ugh.

Actually, I rather like being outside. It is sharing the outside that bugs me.

Speaking of "sharing the outside," there is a movie trailer out there right now that just might be the death of me (oh, I hope not!). We saw it last night while watching The Office. No, I still don't have a DV-R, though we did "tape" it so we could run, but unfortunately, sometimes we forget to fast-forward through the commercials. I am afraid that this one may be burned into my mind for life.

Like that scene from "Seven" where Gwyneth Paltrow's head is delivered in a box to Brad Pitt. One of the worst movies, ever, in terms of scariness, I might add--oh, maybe there's worse, but I have only allowed myself to be talked into one movie-- The Blair Witch Project since I saw "Seven"--too scared. And Jeff had to spend most of that movie reminding me that the people were actors.
And that they were likely eating donuts when we couldn't see them on camera.

Anywho. It's some movie about these people that live out in the country and there is someone terrorizing them. Then the terrorizer breaks in and presumably kills them.

Beautiful and happy thoughts.

After watching it, I was totally freaked out, but decided to bite my tongue. Jeff calls me a "wimp" because of my inability to stomach scary movies.
And he's mad because we can never see them at the theater.

Or rent them.

Or look at them in the video store...due to my inability to erase killer images from my mind.

It was Jeff who spoke up and said he thought that might have been the scariest preview he'd ever seen. We agreed on that. Because it was actually plausible. Shudder.

Anyway, so tonight when we are in the woods...far away from other houses...I am certain that awful image of the stranger standing in the woods will haunt my memory. Hopefully the delighted squeals of my children shooting each other and their cousins with marshmallow guns will drown out the fearsome images.

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Susan said...

Oh no scary movies for this girl. Give me sappy or adventure, but not the gruesome scary ones. Can't do it.

I love your take on the "campout". Sounds like great fun.