Friday, May 9, 2008

Not about the boys...just this once

Just this one time, (ok, it may happen sometime again in the future) I am posting NOT about the kids...but about Jeff and me! We both ran a great race this past Sunday in Lincoln and really enjoyed it. Jeff ran the full marathon in 3 hours, 26 minutes. I ran the half marathon in 1 hour, 53 minutes. Both of us exceeded our own expectations in terms of our "must have" goal times, so we were pleasantly surprised! The course was GREAT--aside from a few miles of packed-in-like-sardines-sidewalk running, everything was perfect. The town of Lincoln seemed to thoroughly enjoy hosting this race and were perfect cheerleaders at the early hour of 7am.
Oh. Except for one poor soul. Jeff saw her, but as he recounts the story:
"We were running through this intersection and the police had the cars stopped until there was a break in the runners." BTW, this was happening all over the city, not just a couple of intersections. Anyway,
"There were cars stopped, and people yelling out their windows things like 'Go Runners!' 'You can do it!' and the like. Well, one woman had had enough. She got OUT OF HER CAR and YELLED: 'I HATE THIS RACE!' I am thinking that maybe she got out on the wrong side of the bed, or was running a titch late for something." (Actually, there may have been a few runners who echoed her sentiments at that exact moment!)
So, aside from this woman, the town of Lincoln was delightful.
If you've never run in a race, just trust me that it is SO much easier when there are people (even if they are strangers!) cheering you on. Like I said, people were even yelling (mostly nice things) from their cars. The weather was unbelievable. We had both been concerned that we'd be cold, thus our "winter" attire, but it was a gorgeous day.
The boys stayed with J's mom and loved every minute of it. I was informed that "We didn't miss you while you were gone." Which is about the most resounding recommendation for a babysitter that I could ask for.

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