Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Vanished! Temporarily...

We had quite a scare last night at our house.
Around 9:15 or so, I was reading in our room and heard Connor get up to go to the bathroom. I called out "Connor?" and he replied "yeah" so I knew it was him. I reminded him to wash his hands and shut his door back when he was finished, but he didn't say anything. I got up about 5 minutes later and checked the boys' bedroom door--open. He frequently "forgets" to shut it--I am pretty sure he just wants to make sure that he can be the first one out of bed if anyone else is waking up. He is our farmer.
I called into the darkness of their room, "Connor, you were supposed to shut the door," but got no reply.
"He was tired!" I thought.
I then went about the evening bedtime rituals and told Jeff, who was working on the computer in the kitchen, that I was headed to bed. I always check on the kids very last thing, just to make sure everyone is covered up and asleep.
Reese's room was first. I can just barely open her door and listen for her breathing. She is a LIGHT sleeper. Check.
Then Grant, he needed to be covered up, it is still so cold at night. Check.
I climbed a couple of steps on the ladder up to Connor's bed and didn't see him. I figured he was at the other end, so I started feeling around.
My heart started beating a bit faster as I ran out to turn the hall light on to illuminate their room without waking Grant.
He wasn't there.
I went running 0ut to the kitchen yelling, "Jeff, I can't find Connor! I can't find Connor!"
He comes running back and turns on the bedroom light-we are checking the closet, behind the door, the floor, everywhere. Still, we can't find him. We begin yelling his name, Jeff checks in Reese's room--just in case he went in there???
I've been all through the house putting things away and preparing for tomorrow. I haven't seen him. Where could he be?
Jeff has been sitting in the kitchen, we can't figure out how he could be anywhere but his bedroom.
Jeff checks the basement, I am walking through the house calling his name. I call loudly while standing in the living room.
The red blanket moves. Sweet relief...Connor is curled up in the chair, completely covered by a red blanket with a pillow in front of him. He hears his name and stirs, looking at us as if he can't quite figure out why we have woken him up.
Jeff grabs on to him and asks him if he remembers coming out here.
Are you awake?
"You scared us to death!!"
He is giggling and proud. Though he didn't mean to "get us" this time, he is quite pleased that he did.
We send him to the shower to "wake up" completely and he dresses himself and gets in bed.
Then remembers NOTHING this morning.
Can you even believe that?

Of course, this is the same kid we found one summer night at 10pm (two hours after lights out around here) standing in his underwear under the shower spray. Again, no recollection.
We're gonna have to watch our little sleepwalker!

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