Wednesday, March 3, 2010

All things Reese

Speaking of birthdays, it has been almost a year since little miss sunshine joined our are a few pictures of Reese!

Here is Reese at her favorite afternoon spot-the back sliding-glass door. She loves to watch her brothers play outside!

Big brother Connor was talking to her through the window and she leaned over to "kiss" him through the glass.

More watching...

And waiting...

Reese and Grant in a rare moment. Grant is typically running away from Reese and taking all of his toys with him. "I don't like her slobber getting on my things!" he says.

Connor and Reese playing on the floor-they have a great time together! Apparently Connor does not share Grant's aversion for Reese's slobber.

This is what adoration of a sibling looks like.

Daddy's girl, banging on the door after he left in the morning.

She took a minute out from her banging to ham it up for me.

This is our girl-happy and always on the move! Her name means "running" but right now it translates to "super-fast crawler"!

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