Friday, September 11, 2009

Out of order--Omaha Zoo

Summer was quickly drawing to a close for us, so the week before we all went back to school we decided to take a day trip to the Omaha Zoo. We'd never been, even when Jeff and I lived there, and were anxious to take the kids to what was supposed to be a really great zoo.
My mom and dad kept Reese, so that was really helpful, because we never could have had the fun we did if she'd been along needing to eat and sleep like she does.

I forgot to mention that Spiderman and his Teddy, I mean "Spiderbear" came with us!

The boys had a great time! We saw lots of cool animals, but loved the aquarium best. There were large sharks and stingrays in the tank that went up over our heads--a really neat experience.

We rode this cable-car ride across the zoo...Jeff hung on to Grant for dear life. He's a little fearful of heights, but was more fearful that wiggly boy would wriggle right out of the seat!

I'm glad we took the time for a quick little getaway as our last hurrah to this went too fast!

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