Friday, May 15, 2009

We're still here!

We're hanging in here at the Hardin house with three kids, it's just taking me a while to do anything that doesn't involve feeding or its byproducts--thus the month-long hiatus from blogging. Seriously though, we are doing great. Reese is six weeks old today and has grown and changed so much! She is smiling more now and has gotten really long. The boys have adjusted beautifully to having a baby in the house. They are expert "shush"ers because I told them that babies like that sound when they're upset.
Connor has lost even more teeth. He's missing 4 on the top row and just lost another one on the bottom row today. The tooth fairy is having a wee bit of trouble remembering what with her midnight feedings and all. Fortunately, if it seems the tooth fairy has forgotten, Mom gets right up and helps Connor look for where the tooth fairy might have put the money. By the time Connor has gotten up and gone to the bathroom, Mom has found the money and pointed out where it is. Crises averted.
We're in trouble if he ever really thinks about how that goes down.

Grant is just...Grant. He is hilarious and headstrong. Talkative and tons of fun. These are a couple of his latest funnies:

"Mom, come quickly! (said "quickwee") There's a river otter (said so garbled only Jeff and I can understand those two words when they're together!) in the backyard!"
I run in and see that it's a squirrel.
"No Grant, that isn't a river otter, it's a squirrel."
He has an overdeveloped sense of the absurd at this age and says, "Silly squirrel! What's a squirrel doing in our backyard??"

I guess he thought it was perfectly rational for a river otter to be back there.

And, on the same morning we had the following conversation.

"Grant, you need to get ready for school because Mommy has to get to the eye doctor."
He is concerned, "Why you have to go to the eye doctor?"
"Because the doctor needs to check out my eyes."
"Your eyes are above your nose and under your eyebrows. They're (Dey're)fine."

I love how his little mind works!

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