Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Arrival of Reese Mackenzie

This one is my favorite...I told the boys that "shushing" babies made them feel better, so big brother Grant got right to it.

Well, she's been here for over a month and I am just now writing about it. Better late than never...
I know these are out of order too, but at least they're on here! I've got some more updated pics, but thought I would start here and get to the rest another day.
Overall, we're doing pretty well--though we couldn't have made it without the constant help of our friends and family!
Reese is sleeping pretty well, but of course still up once or twice per night to eat. I am hanging in there, just hoping that she'll sleep through the night like the boys did--around 10 or 11 weeks. She is already almost 5 weeks old and it's hard to believe. She is growing and changing every day!

The boys are fantastic big brothers and super-helpful. I promise to write more later and of course upload more pictures!

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