Thursday, March 26, 2009

Catching Up

I don't anticipate being able to write again for a little while, so I am going to do a little bloggy catch-up here. First up, Grant's 3rd birthday... We had a party at our house with the aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents.

Big brother happily volunteered to assemble goodie bags...what a helper!

We served Grant's choice for dinner-hot dogs and chips! Grant was having so much fun he didn't realize that he sat in someone's plate--in the ketchup of course:)

We had a variety of theme options, but he ended up choosing SPORTS. If you've spent any time with him in the last three months, you'll realize that this is not a surprise. The good news about a sports theme vs. the Mickey Mouse theme we were going to attempt...easier-to-make-at-home cupcakes! These really turned out pretty cute except for the soccer balls. Those kind of looked like they had black webs on them.

It's really a shame that Grant is so shy and withdrawn. Just kidding, he was loving being the center of attention as we all prepared to sing to him!

Yeah! The first year he could blow out his own candle...he's getting so big!

Of course Grant chose a basketball cupcake. He LOVES basketball just like dad. If you can't tell, his shirt even says "basketball" on it!

Present time was fun too. It is a little overwhelming to open so many gifts, he just wanted to stop and play with everything as he unwrapped it!

And the party's...over...Truman was WORN OUT! You'd have thought SHE was the one who entertained the troops. Oh wait. She was.

Well, we did have a little bit of post-party entertainment. Jameson and Connor got out the boxing gloves and did their best toothless smiles (and growls) before they put on a lively match.

Connor gets one in!
Ohhhh! Jameson comes in with his left hook. Notice the proud papas in these pictures.
I think everybody had a good time celebrating our 3 year old boy!

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Susan said...

Great pictures! Looks like you all had a memorable celebration. Blessings to you!

:-) susan