Friday, February 13, 2009

Latest funnies from Grant

Grant has a habit of saying things or people are "silly" when something is out of the ordinary...
Here are a couple of gems from our recent talks:

Grant: "Mom, why did God make germs at the zoo?" I undoubtedly displayed my germophobia while we ate our lunches at the zoo last weekend.
Me: "I'm not sure why God made germs at the zoo or anywhere else!"
Grant: "SILLY GOD!!!"

Me: "Grant, do you have to go potty?"
Grant, said while wiggling: "No!"
I then proceed to carry him back to "try" to go potty.
Grant, sitting on the potty, happily "going": "I tricked you! I said I no have to go potty, I tricked you!"

Me: "Grant, only 8 days til your birthday!"
Grant: "I gonna be eight!"
Me: "No, you will be three, but we only have to wait 8 more days til your party!"
Grant: "I almost eight!!"

Me, every morning as I drop Grant off at school: "I love you, have a fun day!"
Grant: "no!"
Now, every morning when I drop him off he informs me: "I won't have fun today, mom!"

But when I pick him up, he's very happy...reminding me that he had a "great day."

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