Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Here at our house, we're on a countdown. Ok, it's just me. No one else seems nearly as concerned as I am with the possibly life-altering information we will find out next week.

I might be a touch on the over-dramatic side on this.

Next Friday, we find out what our baby is. Of course, this is depending on baby's cooperation, I've been told. I am leaving nothing to chance, and having a big caffeinated drink before we go for our sonogram. That kid is gonna be hyped up and moving so we can see the parts!

Everyone here is rooting for a boy. Except for mom of course. It would be really nice to have someone on my side (besides the dog, who is also a girl). The boys spend most of their time with Jeff arguing about who gets to be on his "team" for various activities.
We were in the car the other day, and I kid you not, the kids were screaming at each other over who got to be on dad's team. We weren't playing a game, we weren't even TALKING about playing a game, but by golly, they were each going to be on dad's team!!

I would like for someone to want to be on MY team once in a while. Not that a girl necessarily would. And boys are great...truly. I've always said I'd take a house full of boys over a house full of girls any day, and I mean that.

I just kinda want to buy pink this time.

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