Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Festivities

And here they are, the all-important costume pictures!
Getting the boys to smile naturally (Connor has inherited my fake-camera-smile) was quite the challenge, but I did manage just one with my little peace-nik.

I REALLY thought we were going to have trouble getting stubborn little Grant to wear his costume, but he surprised me! He was excited to put the costume on. Now, the cape? That required a little trickery from Dad. Grant did not want to put it on...until he was told that "Daddy wants to wear it" and Daddy put it on. Hmmm...all of a sudden it held more appeal. I was able to wrestle it from Jeff (who occasionally dreams of being as superhero!) to complete Grant's costume.

Before it was dark, we stopped out at my parents' house. It was Friday night and still daylight savings time, so it was nice to show off the costumes and get some goodies early.

Connor worked all night on getting the perfect "mean pirate" face. I think this was his best effort.

Connor may have been being a rocker pirate. Not really sure, but he was having fun!

This was the first house the boys went to trick or treat at, next door to my parents'. I WISH I'd had my camera ready when the lady came to the door. Grant's expression was pure terror...until she offered him candy.

See, I think this "mean pirate" is pretty good too. He really just got better as the night wore on. Even occasionally saying "Trick or Treat" in his "mean pirate" voice.

Earlier in the day, before he was overcome with the spirit of being a pirate, Connor had a much more angelic look about him. I surprised him by showing up at his Kindergarten Halloween parade. It was really cute, seeing all of the kids in their costumes. I was, however, reminded that I want nothing to do with teaching elementary school. While I was waiting for Connor's class another Kindergarten class was using the bathroom. As they came out, they were standing in line. One of the boys came out of the bathroom and announced to the teacher, "I got pee on my costume."
Yuck. Um, I might have kept that to myself.

The day after Halloween, the Zoo hosted a "Pumpkin Smash" day which in theory is much more exciting than in reality.
This was the highlight of the day for the boys.

We did take some time out between watching the kangaroos and tigers eat pumpkins to visit the Baobob tree playhouse.

Grant, while waiting for the Kangaroos to get their pumpkins. It was all quite disappointing. The zookeeper just tossed pieces of pumpkins at the kangaroos and they either sat there and got hit or grabbed a piece and started eating. Not too exciting. Actually, the tigers were pretty cool, puncturing the pumpkin with his teeth.

Overall, Halloween 2008 was fun. It was great that Grant was more "into" it this year and worked very hard to keep up with big brother.
They got oodles and gobs of really good candy...seriously, our neighbors didn't go cheap at all this year, I am used to a bucket full of smarties and tootsie rolls. No, these kids got the real deal, chocolate candy bars, reese's cups...good stuff!

It was a great weekend though Sunday, when whatever respiratory ailment the boys had last week finally caught up to Jeff and me. We spent the majority of the day woefully lamenting our inability to breathe from one nostril or the other.

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