Thursday, November 20, 2008

Kisses Make It Better

Grant always has been a slightly more affectionate child than his older brother. Jeff and I have attributed that to Connor being more "prickly" like me, while Grant is more outgoing and physical, like Jeff. Grant will hug me for no reason and kisses are available on demand.

I have noticed in recent weeks a trend with Grant.

Every time he bumps into something or thinks he is hurt, he comes running to me for a kiss. I will then kiss said owie (which has only posed a problem once--when he hurt his bottom), ask him if it's all better, and he replies "yes!" and runs back to playing.

I love this age and stage.
Yes, we sometimes (though less frequently now) have dinner battles, I have to provide him a choice about everything including which shoe he would like to put on first, and he can get whiny.

But he still believes that his parents can fix anything. And that is special.

I still remember being sad the first time Connor told me that my kiss didn't make his owie feel better.

I just hope Grant doesn't realize it for a while yet.

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