Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Girls and Boys

Newsflash: Boys and girls are different! My boys have always been loud, active, moving, jumping, climbing machines! They make a lot of noise, they make guns out of pencils, and will try to climb anything they see (I caught Grant hanging on the towel bar in the bathroom once). I watched my friends with girls and saw how different they were, but did not fully understand until I had Reese. Yes, Reese has her brothers who show her how to do many things that are "boy-ish," but she is very much a girl.

I caught her tonight at her grandma's house playing with the dolls.

One doll was in the crib, another was in the shopping cart (she was playing "Hy-Vee"), and the stuffed bear was the "mommy" of the dolls. The mommy was feeding the babies their bottles, taking out the "runined" (yes, that is supposed to be "ruined" but I spelled it like she said it) blanket and replacing it with a fresh blanket. She went on like this for about 30 minutes. My boys still sometimes have trouble sustaining an activity for a half an hour!

It was just fun to see the differences in the kids and it is great fun to see Reese becoming a little person!

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