Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Lucy

You knew we could not wait until spring. We wanted to wait, really, we did. But our house was just TOO lonely. Eleven years ago I went "shopping" at the pound and came home with our first baby dog, Molly.
While Jeff was out of town (yes, I had his blessing) I took the kids and we went "shopping" out at Halfway Home Pet Adoptions and came home with this giant bundle o' love.

Lucy is about the laziest one-year-old dog you can imagine. She sleeps all the time. She occasionally tries to do puppyish things like stealing shoes and socks to chew on. But she quickly loses interest and decides that her time is better spent in more leisurely pursuits.

When I cannot find her, I can almost certainly go back to my bedroom and find her with the blankets under her, piled high for her very own "princess bed." She cuddles like nobody's business, and Connor loves that about her.

She has made herself right at home and we are thrilled to say she's a keeper.

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