Tuesday, July 7, 2009


All is well, but Grant got whacked with a baseball bat last Sunday. He was crying--a little. I was screaming--a lot. All I saw was Jeff bringing Grant in the door with blood on his face and heard Marjie telling me, "Grant got hit with the baseball bat."

After a few deep breaths, we saw that it was a gash in his eyebrow and took him to the emergency room. He was a CHAMP there. It probably didn't hurt that everyone who passed by our room felt the need to come in and tell Grant how adorable he was though. The dr. gave him a shot and two stitches. That tough kid didn't flinch. He was begging to play baseball again from the moment we left the house to go to the hospital...and had a short game of catch upon his return. We're so glad he's all right and that he's learned the valuable lesson of not walking into another kid's batting swing!

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