Friday, January 23, 2009


It hit us rather suddenly in early January that we needed to change Grant's daycare situation. His babysitter was nice, but things weren't...great. He was having some behavioral issues there that we'd never seen or experienced at home that I believe were directly related to his sitter's style. From what I've been able to gather, they butted heads more than a little bit.
With the new baby coming in a couple of short months, we decided that January was the month to make the move. We felt like that would allow Grant to get adjusted to a new setting prior to the birth of a baby so that his whole world wouldn't rock on all fronts at once. We also plan to move him to part-time care once the baby arrives to provide me a little respite while I am home and to keep him in a routine. We knew this wouldn't work well with his sitter and felt forced to make a quick decision.

So, we provided our notice to the sitter...2 weeks were required...and by the next afternoon we knew that we couldn't stay. Things got pretty uncomfortable there between her and me and leaving your baby in an uncomfortable situation just doesn't work. Fortunately, we had some stellar stepping in from Grandma and were able to transition Grant over within the week.
It really was a terrible time to move his daycare. We'd started potty-training just 2 weeks prior to the move and though he was doing great, we were afraid that this would upset his progress. I fretted over this decision like I do most every other decision in life, but Jeff, who is much more objective about these things reminded me how great everything worked out there for Connor and that it was TIME to move on.

Well, I am happy to report that Grant has been at his new "school" for 2 weeks now and is doing really well. Every day he tells me how much fun he had at school. Every. Day. That means a lot...he never once told me that at his prior daycare, though I know he did do fun things, I think this place is a better fit for him. I love his teachers--they are so kind and flexible, something we'd had a bit of trouble with before.
As for potty training, well, it's going better than expected. He's still dry most of the time during the day, with just a few accidents because of a couple of refusals to potty while at school. Hopefully that issue is resolved and we can continue on our journey to be a diaper-free household for a few weeks at least!

Our morning transitions are still hard for both of us, but he is getting much better. The last couple of days we've even parted without tears (his or mine)! One of my favorite parts of him going to preschool is how proud he is. He often tells me in the morning, "Daddy's at school, Mommy goes to school, Connor goes to school, and Granters goes to school!" I think it makes him feel grown-up to be heading off to "school" like the rest of us.
I hope to get a couple of pictures of him at school one of these days soon to post.
In fact, if I ever get around to uploading the photos on my camera, I might eventually get ANY pictures on here again!

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