Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Giving Heart

Connor's school is collecting money for the Children's Miracle Network and there is a contest between the grades in the afterschool program. Over the weekend, he was asking me how he could earn money (he's already spent his Christmas stash) so that he could give at school.
To my surprise, I went into his room on Monday, MLK Jr. day (off from school) to find him with a big pile of coins on his desk. He proudly showed me the pile of coins and told me he needed a big bag to put it in to take to school the next day. I asked him where he found all of that change. He pulled out this coin-saving book he's had for a while that was nearly full and showed me that he'd completely emptied it. He then told me that the money was for kids who were in the hospital and their moms and dads couldn't afford the bills.
I was torn, because I hated for him to give away all of his money, but also so proud of him for WANTING to give it away! I just gave him a hug, told him that he was doing a nice thing, and brought him a ziploc. I want to cultivate a giving heart and spirit in my kids, something that doesn't come naturally to me--at least not with money. I am really pleased, though, that he wanted to do this and hope that he continues to be a giver.

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