Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Monday night, we had a treat. We hardly ever get Chinese food at our house, but we all like it and it was sounding pretty good since I had office hours that evening and didn't want to cook. Our favorite place, Master Wok, has moved and is too far away for carryout anymore, so we went with Connor's choice for Chinese food--Hy-Vee.
It's actually a pretty good deal and we can just barely feed our family on their "dinner for two" so we save some money.

I think one of the kids' favorite things about getting Chinese is, of course, the chopsticks! Grant was very into holding them at the grocery store, and mispronouncing the word...I kept thinking he was saying "hospital."
He did, indeed know what chopsticks were and what they are for, as he ate his dinner by poking pieces of chicken with his stick.
Except he had stopped calling them chopsticks. Instead, he called them "muscles."

"My muscles fall down! I pick it up!"
"Look at my muscles!"
"I eat with my muscles!"

You get the idea.

Jeff reminded him they were called "Chop-Sticks!"

Grant's reply?

"Muscle chop sticks!"

Next time you eat chinese, try to use your muscles.

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Susan said...

Thanks for visiting "my place". You're right, Servant Evangelism is a real "need" in the world. I'm already seeing it open doors in very non-threatening ways.

I love your son's version of "muscle chop sticks"! Aren't boys so fun?

Have a great week.

:-) Susan