Saturday, June 28, 2008

You're Gonna Miss This

Ever hear of the song? I don't know who sings's on country stations and I don't listen to much country, but this song will bring up tears every time.
It is about how we basically wish away these stages of our lives, but then look back and miss the times that have gone by.
Oh, I think I feel tears coming on now, as I think that the song might possibly be the theme song for my life thus far. I am trying to snap out of it and am doing a little better since I see how quickly time flies and how fast the kids are growing.

I took the boys to run errands today...had a great time at the dollar store, Beauty Brands (hey, I had a coupon I had to use!), and then to the Farmer's Market. When we got home I saw that Jeff wasn't ready for the the t-ball pizza party yet, so I started nagging him about getting with it so we could go. He told me he'd been sitting and listening to that song and was a little sad.
You know how sensitive I am, so I am sure you could script my reply...
"That's great. I like that song too. Could ya please go shower now?"

Anyway, I went back to our room a little while later and found Connor crying while he was talking to Jeff.
"What's wrong, Buddy? Why are you sad?"

"Because I love it when Dad throws me into the pool and someday I am going to be too big for him to throw me in the pool!"
More tears ensued.

I don't know how many kids stop and think about the passing of their childhoods, but I am thinking that I really didn't. Ever.

Connor has such a sweet and sensitive spirit...he could only think of how sad he'd be when he can't play with his dad like he does now.

We assured him that when he gets bigger and is a daddy he'll get to have even MORE fun, because he'll be getting to throw his own child into the pool. We told him he has no idea how much fun being a Dad is...but it's even better than being the kid.
That seemed to suffice for him.

For us, it just served as a reminder to treasure this time...we won't get it back.

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Nichole said...

Oh boy do I know that song. Today is one of those days I'd like to forget. It's been simply aweful. Nevaeh and I have butted heads with each turn. Hopefully, when she wakes all will be better. It's nice seeing pics of your family. I haven't seen you or Jeff in years but hear of you through Gayle, my mom and brother. It's nice to see the pics and hear the stories through your point of view. Many blessings and I hope that we mother's can absorb as many of these special moments (even if they aren't the best ones)as humanly possible. Did that make sense?