Tuesday, December 2, 2008

More on baby

So I was going to post sonogram pictures of baby girl, but decided against it, as most of the pictures are just confirming her gender. And someday she won't like that her goods were all over the blogosphere.

If you know me, you know that I have a little trouble when there is nothing in my life to worry about. It's true. If there's nothing to worry about, I will invent something to obsess over. Thus my obsession over whether or not I am actually having a girl and not another boy.

So it should come as no surprise that after the sonogram we had on that Friday, I started to have doubts.
Serious doubts.

How good was the sonographer? Had she REALLY looked hard? She could have missed something. And the angle of the picture that I had was not too convincing.

I had my dr. appt this past Tuesday and I expressed the concerns above. Namely that

My doctor understands how reasonable I am and invited me in for a "freebie" sonogram the next morning to CONFIRM what the sonographer says. She apparently has more faith in the sonographer in her office than I do.
So, hello, I was there bright and early Wednesday morning for more pics of what I hoped would continue to be baby girl.

I caught a little flack from the sonographer (have you noticed, I am trying to see how many times I can work the word "sonographer" into this post!) for not fully believing her the first time.

She just doesn't understand though. I NEVER thought I'd be able to have a little girl. Oh, I wanted one, but Jeff comes from a long line of boys-only families!
There are a couple of stray girls in there, which gave me a bit of hope, but it seemed to good to be true!

I hopped up on the table and we got down to the business of looking for girl parts. THIS time I am sure, the sonographer looked up, down, around, (baby girl was pretty active!) and found no extras! Hurray!

Now I can confidently buy pink, and Jeff can wallow in his fears of being a permissive father who can't say no to his little girl and her wedding. Yes, he's already worried about that.
I think I get the better end of this deal!

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